Frequently Asked Question

  • Do you add the beverage more than maximum label?
  • Reduce the amount. Leave space 1/2 inch from the top.
  • Did you attach the gaskets properly?
  • Did you close the cap unit properly?
  • Did you close the lid tight?
  • Did you use scalder or dish washer/dryer?
  • Is there any deterioration on the gaskets?
  • Please contact customer service for replacement parts. Replacement parts must be purchased.
  • Did you drop/hit the product? Or did you strike the unit?
  • Did you close button when it tilted.
  • Hold the bottle upright for a few second and then close the button.
  • Did you make sure close the button on the screw cap?
  • Press the close button before close the tumbler.
  • Did you drop/hit the product? Or did you strike the unit?
  • The vacuum structure is no longer working this case and the unit is unrepaired.
  • Did you pour the hot/cold beverage?
  • How much did you pour the beverage?
  • It needs adequate amount to keep the beverage hot/cold.
  • Do not wash the outer surface of bottle.
  • It may lead to damage vacuum structure. It will cause the rusting and declining the temperature retention.
  • Do you use the product in extremely cold/hot place?
  • The temperature retention decline in extreme weather condition.
  • Do you add the beverage to the maximum label?
  • Loosen the screw cap and discard small mount of beverage.
  • Do not shake the body after adding hot water. It will give a pressure to the cap unit so that open button may hard to push.
  • Loosen the screw cap and release the pressure first and then push the open button. Close the screw cap while the button is open.
  • The inner vessel is made of stainless steel. However, it rust-like discoloration come from iron in the water. There is mineral deposit.
  • Please clean with citric acid or white vinegar. Mix with the citric acid/white vinegar and hot water, leave it for a few hours, and then wash with soft sponge.
  • The bottle may smell at the beginning of usage.
  • Add the hot water and close the screw cap. Shake it for a minute and then discard water. Repeat this process few times.
  • Did you wash?
  • Did you keep the beverage for a long pried of time?
  • Did you use chlorine breach?
  • Please follow the cleaning direction.
  • Did you put hot water or water more than the full measurement line or more than per instructions.
  • Reduce the contents.
  • Is there anything inside the middle stopper?
  • Did you put in too much contents?
  • Reduce the contents.
  • Did you put in the rubber gasket in proper position?
  • Follow the instructions and reset the gasket.
  • Did you set the middle stopper in proper position?
  • Please reset the stopper.
  • Did you set the holder and the holder-keeper in proper position?
  • Please review instruction manual and try to set in collect position.
  • Have you ever used scalder into the middle stopper, or dishwasher or dryer?
  • It probably the middle stopper is damaged; if so, you need to purchase the parts. Contact customer service.
  • Are there middle stopper or rubber packing parts or such articles of consumption?
  • The rubber packing parts and resin finished parts which touch hot water or steam are articles of consumption. So that when you are using it, they may get damaged. Also changing some inner parts is not easy for the customer. Please make inquiries. Rubber packing parts and resin finished parts have passed food sanitation laws, so feel relieved and at ease.
  • Have you dropped it or given it a hard shock?
  • Checking is necessary so please make inquiries.
  • Have you wash whole body?
  • Try this test:
  1. Add hot water into the container
  2. Wait for 2-3 min
  3. Touch outer surface of body
  4. If it is hot, vacuum insulation is not working.
  • Vacuum insulation is not repairable.
  • Did you put in too much contents?
  • Reduce the contents.

Did you put in dry ice or carbonated drinks?

  • Are there any “red spots like rust” or “rough things” adhered?Note: the inner container is stainless steel so it should not grow rust; however, water quality and impurities, including stains like rust or calcium, may adhere.
  • Use citric acid (1tsp) and hot water into inner container then leave it 2 to 3 hours. Then wash it off with a soft brush/sponge and rinse well with water.

The rubber gasket and resin finished parts are contact with hot water or steam during the usage. The heat deteriorates these parts. These are consumer replaceable parts. Contact customer service.

  • Did you put in hot or cold contents?Note: in a cold region, temperature retention may not work properly.
  • Also did you put in an adequate amount of contents?
  • Do you find any stains?
  • Remove gaskets and wash well.
  • Reduce the odor: Use citric acid (1 tsp) and hot water into inner container and then leave the container about 2-3 hours.
  • Did you leave the drinks inside for long hours?
  • Reduce the odor: Use citric acid (1 tsp) and hot water into inner container and then leave the container about 2-3 hours.

When the inner glass contains hot water, shiny substances may be found. These are called “flakes”. They come from the thin film on the inner wall of the glass bottle and are formed by the chemically combined mineral contents blended in hot water.
The flakes are not harmful to your health. However, if flaking occurs, clean the product by following the steps below.
(1) Dilute vinegar with lukewarm water by approx. 10% volume, and pour it in the inner glass. Or, dilute citric acid (approximately 10 g) in lukewarm water, and then pour it into the main body. (Do not use vinegar and citric acid together.)
(2) After a few hours have elapsed, wash the main body with a soft brush and then thoroughly rinse it.
(3) Dry the main body completely.
1. For the citric acid, please contact the dealer where you purchased this product.
2. Even when flaking has not occurred, clean the inner glass periodically using the same procedure as a preventive measure

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  • Minimum keep warm amount = Minimum cooking amount
  • When you cook rice with minimum amount, you are not able use keep warm function. If you like to use keep warm function, you have to cook more than minimum amount. Keep warm temperature will decrease with small amount. When the keep warm temperature become lower than 140 °F, rice start to spoil due to bacteria growth. Example: JNP-1500 is 3 cup minimum cooking and keep warm amount. If you cook 3 cup, you are not able to use keep warm function. If you cook 6 cup, you can keep warm about a half of the cooked amount.
  • Simple rice cooker:

          - JNP-0550, 0720, 1000 =1 cup
          - JNP1500, 1800 = 3cup

  • Microcomputer type:

          - 10 cup rice cooker = 2cup
          - 5.5 cup and 3 cup rice cooker = 1 cup

Check point:

  • Did you reset cooking function by holding [Cancel] button for 5 seconds?
  • Rice cooker always resume last function.
  • Did you use wrong menu setting?
  • Select correct menu.
  • Is there any a grain or particle on the heater plate?
  • Remove and clean the heater plate.
  • Did you check the inner pan is setting at right position?
  • Inner pan must be set on the proper position.
  • Did you add warm or hot water?
  • Temperature sensor does not work properly.
  • Did you add more than 70g/2oz of ingredients?
  • Ingredients must be chopped finely. Maximum ingredients amount e.g.: 2cup of rice 140g/4oz, 3 cup of rice 210g/6oz.
  • Did you mix ingredients into rice?
  • Mix seasoning but Ingredients must be placed on top of rice.

That means Lithium battery runs out. Lithium battery is nothing to do with cooking function. As long as power cord is plugged into power source, you may able to use all the features. If you like to replace the battery, contact customer service. Some fee apply.

  • Do you use sharp utensil or heavy duty sponge ?
  • It will stcrach the nonstick coating. Use soft sponge.
  • Do you use keep warm function longer than 12 hours ?
  • Moisture in rice penetrate through the non-stick coating and then lift up from the inner pan material.
  • Do you cook brown rice ?
  • Waxy layer (Rice-bran oil) is also easy to panatrate through the non-stick coating.
  • Do you add any spice, salt, butter, oil or vinegar ?
  • Adding the seasoning is deteriorating the non-stick coating.
  • Do you clean inner lid and outer lid every use ?
  • Some models have gasket on the outer lid. It tends to hold the water during the cooking cycle. Be sure to wipe dry every use. Otherwise, water/dew may drip into inner pan and cause lifting.

The non-stick coating may begin to deteriorate. The coating won't melt in food even if you eat the coating flake, which is non-toxic and would pass through the body without being absorbed.

  • Plug in to power source
  • Press and hold [Cancel] button for 5 second.
  • Make sure no lights is on.
  • Note: Unplugging the power cord does not reset cooking function.

No, we do not recommend using milk. Normally milk shoot out from the vent.

Yes. You may use use COLD broth for your rice. Please select [Mix rice] menu setting. Maximum cooking amount is 60% of capacity. 10 cup rice cooker is 6 cup 5.5 cup rice cooker is 3 cup.
Note: Do not use tomato sauce. Consistancy of tomato sauce is too thick for rice cooker. Rice result is under cook.
Note: JNP and JAZ models are not applied to this subject.

  • That is minimum amount of rice can be cooked in the rice cooker.

          - 5.5 cup rice cooker is 1 cup

          - 10 cup micro-computer rice cooker is 2 cup 

          - JNP-1500 and 1800 are 3 cups.

  • Rice cooker is design to cook perfect rice. If you are cooking below the minimum amount, heat does conduct properly and it lead to early shut off.

We do not recommend using alkaline balance over PH9. Alkaline water breakdown rice starch and rice result is wet or sticky. High alkaline water change color of rice to yellow.

No. Liquid temperatures above 35°Cor 95°F lead to malfunction.Temperature sensor does not work properly so that rice does not cook thoroughly. Be sure to use cold water.

No. Rice cooker need to cool off before start second batch. (Remove inner pan and open the lid. Let it stand at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on surrounding room temperature). For the second batch,be sure to use cold water/ broth. If you add temperature above 35°C/95°F, Sensor does not work properly. Usually rice result is under cook.

Do not insert second batch/ inner pan into cooker while the rice cooker is cooling off. Remaining heat conduct to inner pan and temperture may reach above 35°C/95°F.

Repair or unit does not work properly, contact customer service.

  • Did you use Keep warm function longer than 24 hours ?
  • Keep warm time flash after 24 hours elapsed.
  • We recommend removing remain rice into different container.

[Bad Smell]
Normally the bad smell comes from bacteria multiplication. Uncooked rice frequently contains bacteria called Bacillus cereus which can be found in soil. These spore-forming bacteria can survive cooking process and protective spore can germinate, grow and produce toxin, if rice cooled off slowly or improper storing. Reheating cooked rice does not inactivate the toxin or kill bacteria cell. Unfortunately contaminated cooked rice is not visible, taste or smell or any different to normal rice.

It is common for food producers to prepare large quantities of rice and kept in rice cooker for extended time. Heating can activate spores, which allow them to germinate and grow under warm and moist conditions. Very few people realized that cooked rice can be responsible for their food-born illness. Cooked rice must be kept above 140°F or cool rice as quickly as possible in different container and then stored below 39°F to minimize growth and toxin formation.

Unluckily, once rice cooker is starts to smell, bacteria is already outgrow, it is not safe to eat at this point. Since Bacillus cereus can not kill in boiling water, please follow this cleaning guide below:

  1. Remove inner pan, inner lid steam vent cap, gaskets, dew collector, spatula holder.
  2. Make sanitizing solution: 2 tbsp of Chlorine bleach, 2 tbsp of dish soap and hot/boiling water
  3. Soak removable parts for 2-3 hours
  4. Rinse well
  5. Dry off with dry cloth
  • Did you wash the rice thoroughly?
  • Remove rice bran by washing. Remaining rice bran may smell,change color.
  • Did you set the timer for longer than 12 hours?
  • When the surrounding temperature is high, sometime water and uncooked rice become spoiled. We recommend setting the timer shorter than 10 hours for summer time.
  • Have you had a long time power failure?
  • Please look up the answer page regarding a power failures.*1

[Dries up]

  • Did you use supplied measuring cup?
  • Did you keep warm longer than 12 hours?
  • Did you gather rice toward to center while keep warm?
  • How much of rice did you keep warm?
  • There is minimum keep warm amount for each capacity.

[Changed color]

  • Did you loosen well after cooking?
  • Did you wash rice? (Remove excess starch, dust or other particle)
  • Did you keep warm longer than 12 hours?
  • Rice change color due to oxidation. Reduce keep warm time.
  • Do you have any burned rice or rice grains on any rubber packing parts or on the edge of the inner pot ?
  • Did you reheat more than three times?
  • We do not recommend using alkaline balance over pH9. Alkaline water breakdown rice starch and rice result is wet or sticky. High alkaline water change color of rice to yellow.
  • Did you use supplied measuring cup?
  • Please use measuring cup for every use. Do not estimate water amount with your eyes. It is probably not accurate. Precise measurement is very important.
  • How many cup of rice did you try to cook?
  • There is suggested cooking amount for each model. (Refer to the instruction manual) Be sure to cook above minimum and below maximum amount.
  • How much did you add water?
  • e.g.: 3cups of uncooked rice add water accordingly to water scale mark on the inner pan line 3. This water line is based on short grain rice. Water scale for other grain may vary.
  • Did you select the wrong menu?
  • Please check the menu.
  • Do you find any burned rice or rice grains any place?
  • Remove all particles.
  • Check steam vent cap for blockage.
  • Rice starch clog the steam vent cap. Wash the parts every use.
  • Did you pre-wash the rice?
  • Please pre-wash rice thoroughly. Remain dust and rice brain from milling process cause boil over.
  • Standard cooking time 45-58 min for plain white rice. Quick function is 17-44 min depending on the amount and surrounding temperature.
  • Did you slect the wrong menu?
  • Check the menu.
  • Do you find any burned rice or rice grains anywhere in the cooker?
  • Take out all loose rice grains. If you do not see any progress, please contact customer service.
  • Is there any deformation on the inner pan?
  • Inner pan need to be replaced. Please contact customer service.
  • Did you measure rice with supplied measuring cup ? Did you add any spice or ingredients ?
  • Check your measurement of rice, ingredients or water.
  • Have you had a long time power failure ?
  • Please look up the answer page regarding power failures.*1
  • Diaplay flashing 0:00 ?
  • Please set current time by following the instruction manual.
  • Timer setting is not available for Sweet rice and Mix rice menu.
  • Please use other menu options.
  • If an external power failure has occurred, but only for a short time, then there's a possibility that when the electricity has returned, all functions may work normally and the clock is working correctly.
  • When a power failure lasts for a long time, and the indicator is flashing 0:00...
  • Please set the time correctly by following the instruction manual.
  • If the electricity has returned as in these situations below:
    (If it's already past the set time, after a lengthy power failure, cooking starts immediately.)
  • While cooking rice (or reheating rice).
  • Continue to do the cooking (or reheating).
  • Keeping warm (or Low temp Keeping warm).
  • Continue to keep warm (or low temp Keeping warm).
  • You may have selected the wrong menu key.
  • Push menu key and select the correct key.
  • Is there any grains or particles on the heater plate?
  • Remove all the particle. If you do not see any progress, please contact customer service.
  • Is the inner pot deformed?
  • You need to exchange parts. Please contact customer service.
  • Did you use warm water or broth?
  • If you add temperature above 35°C/95°F, Sensor does not work properly. Usually rice result is under cook. Be sure to use cold water/ broth.


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